Sky Text Logo

I have seen that there are a few guys out there that are using the clear glass text tutorials as a substitute for the “sky” text effect. Well, I’ve done a bit of playing and have come up with this, my impression of the famous sky logo. So here goes…

To start off, I have a new document. 400px by 400px filled with a black background.

Use the text tool, and type the text you want the effect to be applied to. I have used the word Sky for this tutorial.

This is where the tutorial gets tricky. Ok, first lower the FILL of the text to 0%, so it is effectively invisible. This is NOT the Opacity, just the Fill.

Apply a Drop Shadow to the text layer with the following settings:

To the same layer, apply an Inner Glow with the following settings:

And now add a Bevel And Emboss effect with these settings:

Apply the settings and duplicate the text layer. Disable all the effects, and apply the following Bevel And Emboss settings:

Now add a contour with these settings:

Apply the settings and duplicate this layer. Now remove the contour for this new layer, and apply these settings to the Bevel And Emboss menu:

Apply and you should have something like this:

What is great about this text is it is transparent. For the last step find an image you want to use as a background. I have made a a cloudy sky with a bit of glare from the sun. This was dome using Cloud render with a gradient layer mask removing the clouds from the top left. the sun glare is a simple lens flare.

Here is another example using another font and backgroung.

Hint: From my playing around with this, I suggest using a fat or bold font as the results are more pleasing.

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