Scary 3D Halloween Pumpkins

For some reason, I feel like a child again, so I have decided to embrece the scary festival and make my own Halloween Pumpkins.

Lets begin, open a new document and secect the Ellipse Tool (U) and set the color to #2f1600 with this done, draw a decent sized slightly oval circle in the centre of your document, like mine below.

With this done, Rasterize the layer and add a 2px black stroke to it. This makes the following steps easier to see what you are doing.

Now duplicate the layer and fill it using the Paint Bucket Tool with the color of #754b02. Select the Move Tool (V), with the new layer active, we are are going to “squash” it inwards from both the left and right side. It should look similar to this…

Inner Glow

We are now going to repeat the last step we just did two more times, but changing the colors to #915b04 and #9f530a respectively. Your end result should look like this.

Bevel and Emboss

Ok, I agree, it doesnt look much like a pumpkin yet, but wait, we arent done yet.

In this step, we will be adding its “hair” so to speak. Use the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle near the top of your pumpkin. Something like this…


We are now going to give it a bit of shape, I think that seems a little bland like that. To do this we go to Filter-Liquify, at this point, PhotoShop will ask you if you want to rasterize the shape, click ok and have fun distorting your shape to your satisfaction. Apply the filter and add a 2px stroke to it. We should have this…

Gradient Overlay

With this done, we need to bring this pumpkin to life, it needs eyes and a mouth.

Set your color to a nice shade of yellow, I chose #eaff00. Using the Pen Tool, draw a triangle for one eye, duplicate the layer and we want to flip the duplicated layer, go to Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal. Use the Move Tool and move it across to where you want the second eye to be placed.


Now do the same process over again, but instead of a triangle, give your pumpkin a scary zig-zag mouth, like mine…

Now we add the following layer style to the eyes and mouth.

Inner Shaddow:

Outer Glow:


Apply these settings and you will get something simiar to the image below..

Bevel and Emboss

Select the Burn Tool and with one of the oval layers active, lightly brush over the edges of each oval, pay more attention to the top and bottom, this will give it a more 3D look. Do this to all the oval layers. You can use the Dodge Tool to lighten the color in some areas if you wish.

This is my Final result…

Color Overlay

Now its down to you how you would like to use your scary halloween pumpkin.

Here are a few of what I came up with…

And here is another example..

I trust you found this tutorial helpful. Join us again for more great tutorials

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