Glossy Mothers Day Text

In this tutorial we will show
you how to create a glossy mothers day text.

Make a new document, any size doesn’t matter. I used 300px by 300px for this tutorial.

Start off by selecting your text, Preferably a thick one as seen below.

Right, once you have your text layer, duplicate it, we come back to this layer later in the tutorial..

We are going to be adding a few layer effects to the bottom text layer.

So here we go…

Drop Shadow..

Inner Shadow..

Outer Glow..

Bevel and Emboss..


Color Overlay..

Apply these settings and you should have something like this..

As we can see, it doesnt look that great.. But as we all know, its the end result that is what we wait for..

Lets push on..

Select the top text layer in your layers pallet and apply the following layer effects..

Drop Shadow..

Bevel and Emboss..




Apply the settings and set the Fill of this layer to 50%. You should have something that looks like this..

Here are a few more examples I have made..

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