Glossy Mothers Day Text


In this tutorial we will show you how to create a glossy mothers day text. Make a new document, any size doesn’t matter. I used 300px by 300px for this tutorial. Start off by selecting your text, Preferably a thick one as seen below. Right, once you have your text layer, duplicate it, we come… [Read More]

Classy Model Portfolio Layout


Well, here is a rather simple tutorial on creating a classy models portfolio layout. So lets begin shall we. Firstly, open a new document (800px x 880px) withn a backgroung color of #444444 Using the Rectangle Tool, draw a rectangle, with the came color as the background, in the centre of your page. once tis… [Read More]

Quick Cartoon Using 2 Filters


Quick Cartoon Using 2 FiltersThis is a very simple and quick tutorial to show you how to cartoon in a few steps. In this tutorial I will be using a picture of the ever gorgeous Heather Graham. Step 1 Open up your image into photoshop, duplicate your image in the layers window then goto “filter… [Read More]

Metalic Oval Interface


In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the creation of metalic oval interface for your websites 1. Open a new document. Set width/height to 400×250 for a good working area. 2. Fill the background color to a dark color. In this tutorial, we’ll use a dark green (Hex Color #054a00). 3. Create a new layer. Name… [Read More]

Scary 3D Halloween Pumpkins


For some reason, I feel like a child again, so I have decided to embrece the scary festival and make my own Halloween Pumpkins. Lets begin, open a new document and secect the Ellipse Tool (U) and set the color to #2f1600 with this done, draw a decent sized slightly oval circle in the centre… [Read More]

Awesome Satin Background


Create a new document what ever size you prefer to work with, il be using 800 x 600, set your forground color to white and background color to black. Then do the following steps “Filter > Render > Clouds” “Filter > Render > Difference Clouds” “Image > Adjustments > Invert” “Image > Adjustments > Levels”… [Read More]