Sky Text Logo


I have seen that there are a few guys out there that are using the clear glass text tutorials as a substitute for the “sky” text effect. Well, I’ve done a bit of playing and have come up with this, my impression of the famous sky logo. So here goes… To start off, I have… [Read More]

Decaying Text Effect


Today we are going to learn how to give our text this really cool looking decaying effect. So, without any further a due, lets begin shall we… Lets start off by opening a new document with a background of #3e3e3e, any size will do, but the bigger the better, you will see why later on… [Read More]

Dragon Scaled Text


In this tutorial we will show you how to create a dragon scaled texture on text, buttons or icons, using a combination of leyer effects. Make a new document, anysize doesn’t matter. Press CNTRL+D to reset your pallete colors. Set your background to WHITE or use any color that suits you.. Start off by selecting… [Read More]

Glossy Mothers Day Text


In this tutorial we will show you how to create a glossy mothers day text. Make a new document, any size doesn’t matter. I used 300px by 300px for this tutorial. Start off by selecting your text, Preferably a thick one as seen below. Right, once you have your text layer, duplicate it, we come… [Read More]